Mahendra Solanki

Trained as an artist working in Maharashtra, originally from Central India, (Dewas M.P) Mahendra Singh Solanki focuses on nature, the environment and flora. Being from a small town and having grown up near the forest, he has taken the memory of the environment with him into his profession and life. He explores his latent memory bank of images and uses flora as a medium & nature with the landscape as his subject in an abstract vocabulary. He selects leaves based on their color and appearance and creates a base for the landscapes he selects. These natural materials are treated to endure ravages of time. He also uses nature as a theme in his realistic black and white drawings on paper and canvas. The abstract vocabulary he has selected has made a craft into an art form. These paintings, or a journey of his mind into his history and roots voice concern of the fast disappearing natural surroundings.  

Mahendra’s has been a lifelong quest for the rhythms in nature, in a post-industrial world. Enchanted by languid landscapes, he grew up amidst wild shrubs and golden fields, bewitched by not just the rich colors and shapes of the living but also the decaying forms of plants and flowers. The folk art of his home region as minimalist and curvaceous, have also influenced his style. Even a highly pragmatic stint at the well-known Maharaja Sayajirao University’s Faculty of Fine Art in Baroda, in Graphic Design, left his homegrown impulses towards organic impressionism intact.  

The exploration of nature in art can take endless forms, because nature provides us with such a vast wealth of inspiring phenomena. Making art from nature  returns us to our natural roots, bringing the artistic process back to basics.  According to him, art can serve as an eye opener to the intricacy and splendor of the natural world. It can be just as simple as a pretty picture that appreciates nature for   what   it   is,   or   it   can   be   an   inspiring   piece   conveying   our   complex   human connection to natural surroundings. Nature art can serve a purpose beyond being an object of beauty.


Looking at nature, is journeying to the inner self. Since nature is the eternal soul of our planet, my chosen medium bus infinite possibilities of concept and construction, My palette is entire earth. I wish, with my work, to bring a sense of the outdoors to the indoors, to evoke a nostalgia for a life nuanced by natural rhythms. Perhaps also, to bring indoors, the feeling of walking through the countryside, in winter or spring. In my work, is a total dispersion of myself into nature, to make us enter our existing space and times. I use no post-industrial products in my collages, allowing the forms, shapes, textures of even broken barks and mossy bay, to sensitize and soothe our weary urban eyes. It is up to us, how we wish to treat her. There are deserts that have been converted into forests in the Gulf, whereas in India, we are turning our forests into arid lands by cutting trees.



Land Scape painting, City Scape painting, Figurative painting, Still life, Nature Drawing, Design, Sketching(Indoor-Outdoor), Watercolour Painting. Claymodeling Paper collages, Leaf colleges, Paper quilling, Puppet marking etc. 

Theoretical knowledge of Indian & Western art

 The Fundamentals of Visual Art

Teaching Experience:

Two Years(2016-17, 2018) teaching experience with nursery to 9 class children’s in Everest School, Dewas.


– 2016 – Watercolour and stone art workshop at Everest School, Dewas.

2015:- Water colour and stone art workshop at Eicher School parvanoo (H.P.).

2013:- Leaf collage and water colour workshop at Eklavya, Dewas.

2005:- Drawing workshop at Pidilite Industries, Mumbai.

Art Camp

 2016:- ” Mandu Utsav” Organized by MP Tourism, Mandu. 

 2000: “Kalavart-Kalaparv” Ujjain.

Solo Exhibition

 2016:- Princes Art Passage, Indore.

 2015:- Eicher School, Parvanoo (H.P.). 2008:- Nehru Center Art Gallery, Mumbai

 2007.-“Sambhoot” Reflection Art Gallery, Indore. 2007:- Apparao Galleries,   Chennai,

2005.- “Gardens Theatre Truveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi.

2003:- Oberal Artwalk Gallery, Mumbai. 2000:- Nehru Center Circular Gallery, Mumbai.

1997:- Devlalikar kala vithika, Indore

Combined Exhibitions

2005:-Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai.

2001:- Artist Center, Mumbai.

Group Exhibitions

2017:- Club Fankar Art Gallery, Ujjain.

2016:- Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai 2012:- “40 Year of Art Existence” Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai. 2011- Colours of life- Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai

2010:- Colours of life- Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai.

2009: Colours of life- Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai.

2008 – Colours of life- Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai

2007: “Gardens Theater Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi

2006: Art for water – Water for life, – Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai. 2005:- “The passion of “Garens Theatre” Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi.

2005.- ABC Show, “Gardens Theatre Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi.

2000:- Jehanhir art Gallery, Mumbai

  1. Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbal.


2018:- International Art mart, Khajuraho (M.P.). 2017:- International Art mart, Khajuraho (M.P.).

2016:- International Art mart, Khajuraho (M.P.).

2014:- India Art fair, New Delhi.

2013:- India Art Summit (International Art fair), New Delhi.

2012:- India Art Summit (International Art fair), New Delhi. 2011 – India Art Summit (International Art fair), New Delhi.

2010 – India Art Summit (International Art fair), New Delhi.

2006:- Artist Center, Mumbai.

2001:- Bombay Art Society of India, Jehangir art Gallery, Mumbai. 2000:- Dr. Wakankar State Exhibition Ujjain. 2000:-Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad Exhibition, Indore.

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