Creating Art from Nature

Mahendra Solanki

Since times unknown, nature has inspired artists a great deal – right from cave paintings of animals, to modern-day arts. One such artist who has depicted nature as a means to express his inner feelings, is Mr. Mahendra Singh Solanki.

What I Do?

Leaf Art

If you’re here, it proves that you’re already keen about leaf art, but just in case you’re not very sure if you desire to begin creating arts with leaves by now, here’s why! Hunting for beautiful leaves is pretty much fun to do. It is a way to appreciate nature. Talking about the colors, shapes and sizes of leaves, it is pretty mesmerizing. Leaf arts and crafts get you into mood of the season. There’s one for almost every second day of the season!

Stone Art

Stones are yet another one those superb materials that you find anywhere and everywhere – be it in the woods, the beach or just the playground or car park. When we talk about this art, stone has been used extensively for centuries, especially during the Ancient Indian days. From traditional to contemporary designs, from large to small patterns, one can create a rich collection of stone paintings through stone art.

Pen Drawing

Pencil sketches still continue to mesmerize and fascinate, both the artists today and its ever-growing public. Throughout much of history, sketching was regarded as the foundation for artistic practice. A pencil sketch is a great way to quickly get your ideas down on paper. Do you love pencil sketches? Well you will be surprised to find a beautiful collection of pencil drawings for your inspiration with us.

Rare and Unique Arts

Rightly said, Art is a concept that cannot be defined in words. The world of art is beyond limits. But whatever could be the art’s real definition, artists, art critics, and art students alike can all agree that art comes in numerous diverse forms. An artist can express himself in diverse ways by using nearly anything and crafting it into a beautiful piece of art. These captivating art forms offers distinctive and stimulating ways to discover new empires of artistic expression.

Idea Behind Natural Art

Rare Artworks

Best Out of Waste

Stone Art

Stone Art specializes in natural stone value addition. Check out ourstone artcollectionfor the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces.

Leaf Art

The colors of leaves are often so vibrant that they're the perfect palette for creatingworks ofart. The leaves comprise a wide array of designs.

Organic Natural Art

Organic Natural Artseeks to inspire creativity. It encourages you to return to those dayswhen art was made with all-natural materials, liketree bark.

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Mahendra’s work is absolutely inspiring. His art has a mystic quality that transports you to magical places. The textures in his paintings are exciting, calming and intriguing – all at the same time.
Seema Jain

Hosted More than 200 Live Art Exhibitions across India

Hosted More than 200 Live Art Exhibitions across India Participated in more than 30 Art Exhibitions across India

Working with Mahendra has been a pleasure, his talent as a nature artist is unsurpassed. The way he captures nature is spell-binding and impressive! His paintings are a delight to view. He is very jovial and highly creative.
Mohan Singh
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